General Contact Information

Rent/Lease/Billing/Contract Inquiries Rick Snyder (918) 839 9850

          Non Emergency Repairs  & General Inquiries Rick Snyder (918) 839 9850

 If a Green Mountain Properties representative is not contacted before a repair is made, we reserve the right to refuse payment of the bill and you may be responsible for the repair.

Rent is due the 1st day of every month. You may remit your payment any of 3 ways:

         Mail to Green Mountain Properties; 306 Kerr Avenue; Poteau, OK 74953

         Mail to Green Mountain Properties; PO Box 1362; Poteau, OK 74953

         Drop off in the mailbox at Southern Star in the Industrial Park in Poteau

When mailing or dropping off a check please place your apartment name and number in the memo section of the check.

Property Addresses

Whitney Apartments - 610 Whitney Ave. Poteau, OK

Conser Apartments - 102 Conser Ave. Poteau, OK


         TV Service DISH Network (877) 643 3474

         Electric Service OG&E (800) 272 9741

         Phone & Internet Service Windstream (800) 347 1991

Emergency Repairs

         Water Line Issue (water line burst outside the building or water turned off to the building) Poteau Water Department 918-647-2715

         Fire 911

         Electricity Outages OG&E - 800.522.6870






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